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AppThemes HireBee v1.4.1 – WordPress freelance marketplace theme

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HireBee is a freelance marketplace theme for WordPress. Employers post projects and freelancers start the bidding. You setup the pricing plans and take a cut of each project. It’s easy to monetize any niche by providing a crowdsourced project matchmaking service!

1.4.1 – 2017-08-22
* Added missing image.php theme template file
* Added missing the_tags() in the single blog post page so tags show up
* Added an author bio section to the bottom of each blog post. Only display if author has a description written
* Added missing wp_link_pages() to support pagination within pages and blog posts
* Added focus color scheme styles for buttons and links
* Styled the post password protected submit button
* Blog post & page edit & read more buttons now matches the active color scheme
* Make sure embedded videos are 100% wide and scaled correctly
* Checkout progress steps no longer wrap and break in responsive view
* Added missing archive.php theme template file so blog date links work correctly (e.g. /2017/07/)


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