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ARMember v2.0 – Complete WordPress Membership System

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ARMember is an exclusive wordpress membership plugin, a complete bundle to create membership system without having any advanced knowledge of programming.

Version 2.0 (15 October, 2017) – MEGA UPDATE

  • Added Multiple Membership support. Users will be able to subscribe for more than one membership plan simultaneously.
  • Added a very useful and unique feature : Multiple Payment Cycles in subscription type of plan. So, admin will be able to list multiple payment cycle(monthly, yearly, etc.) for the same membership plan.
    Let’s say, there is one subscription plan named ‘Business Plan’ in site, so admin will be able to set 3 different cycles like a) $100 for entire year 2) $60 for each 6 months 3) $10 for each month.
  • Added One click sign up feature in social connect. User can sign up into the system with default free membership plan only by one click on social connect button. Also you can add such users to your opt-in account.
  • Improved entire core coding of ARMember for Performance boost. Now ARMember operations will perform upto 70% faster
  • Profile & Directory Improvements.
    • Introducing unique profile editor to create beautiful user profiles as many as you need.
    • Added facility to set separate profile template for each different membership/plan.
    • Also facility to hide empty profile fields is added.
    • Added new directory template.
    • Added facility to redirect to author’s post page from directory listing page.
  • BuddyPress
    • Now, you can do complete sync between ARMember & BuddyPress user data like avatar, profile cover, etc.
    • ARMember provides facility to keep ARMember and BuddyPress user data like Avatar, profile cover, etc in synchronization.
    • Added Facility to redirect to BuddyPress profile from ARMember member listing ( Directory ).
    • Also added facility to redirect to ARMember profile page from BuddyPress members listing.
    • Added BuddyPress xprofile field plugin support.
  • Access Rules Improvements
    • Added facility to restrict content for logged in users having no plan.
    • Added feature to show partial content of restricted page/posts/category/custom-posts in listing. i.e., If page A is restricted and this feature is enabled, then it will be displayed in ‘Pages’ widget with all other page names. When clicked on it, page A will not be accessed.
  • New drip rule options are added. 1) after x days of post/page published, 2) after x days of post/page modified.
  • Introduced Invoice Creation facility for each membership/subscription purchased by user. Invoice template also can be customized.
  • Redirection upon form submission facility is moved to general settings areaand added more options for conditional redirection like redirect to some page if user is in trial period and redirect to other page if user is in grace period, etc.
  • Import & Export Improvements
    • Now onwards, ARMember provides such facility to import user with all custom information.
    • Added facility to export user’s all custom fields with selection.
  • Payment Gateway Improvements
    • Support for new Stripe currencies is added.
    • Added coupon support for auto-debit payment mode in Stripe payment gateway.
    • Added facility to choose language for 2checkout and PayPal checkout page.
  • Plan + Sign Up Wizard Improvements
    • Added facility to enable two step registration in plan+sign up setup page.
    • Added facility to hide user’s current plan from plan selection area
    • Added new plan skin for plan+sign up setup wizard.
  • Added facility to choose plan start date while assigning plan to user. Also admin can change expiry date of user plan anytime.
  • Added facility to duplicate login / change password / forgot password from set.
  • Added facility to open plan+signup form modal on click of sign up link inside login form.
  • Added facility to add field description for each form field..
  • Added facility to Manage member’s plans directly from manage members grid.
  • Added new status Terminated for members. So, admin can terminate any user’s account from admin side.
  • Change in Cancel Subscription Action(By User), End Of Term Action, Payment Failed Action for membership plan.
  • ARMember Shortcodes
    • Change in {arm_account_detail}, {arm_membership} shortcodes.
    • Added new shortcode support {arm_user_badge}, {arm_user_planinfo}, {arm_avatar}, {arm_usermeta}.
  • General Settings
    • Disable wp-login page styling added.
    • Added exclude role facility in restrict admin panel setting.
    • Exclude pages for restriction added in Restrict site access without login.
    • Added facility to Block URLs plan wise in security options.
    • Added facility to manually remove failed login attempts user wise from database.
  • Coupon label field is added only for back-end.
  • Manual user activation email notification moved to default email notification section.
  • Added shortcodes for displaying Next due date and Plan amount in email notifications.
  • Added more action and filter hooks related to recurring payment for developers.
  • Other Minor bug fixes.


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