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WHMCS v7.4.2 – Web Hosting Billing & Automation Platform

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WHMCS is the World’s Leading Web Hosting Billing & Automation Platform. A complete solution for web hosts, WHMCS provides everything you need to sell web hosting and related services with high levels of automation.

WHMCS V7.4.2
CORE-10965 – Correct value of f_lock_domain for .fr registrations with OpenSRS
CORE-11288 – Enforce ownership of order items after switching login identities
CORE-11544 – Update WHOIS server for .ch
CORE-11804 – Correct currency reference when ordering addon from product details page
CORE-11827 – Update WHOIS server for .archi, .bio, .desi, and .ski
CORE-11844 – Correct display of Sign-In integrations buttons following automatic sign-in
CORE-11845 – Ensure ‘Completed’ enum values is present for tblhostingaddons.status
CORE-11846 – Refine display logic for Apple Pay Button
CORE-11848 – Refine number handling when Automatic Phone Number auto-formatting is disabled
CORE-11849 – Improve handling of phone related fields with registrar actions
CORE-11852 – Correct unsubscribe address character validation
CORE-11860 – Correct various admin urls related to AJAX deletion action
CORE-11861 – Correct erroneous block of upgrade/downgrade when current product is out of stock
CORE-11862 – Update WHOIS server for .co
CORE-11865 – Correct JS click event for quote ticket action in Firefox
CORE-11884 – Remove pre-existing post-update Updater routines if present
CORE-11891 – Improve messaging for PHP version Health Check
CORE-11894 – Retain leading 0 when formatting Italian phone numbers
CORE-11900 – Update WHOIS server for .au
CORE-11901 – Update TLDs categories to include “pt” as a country tld
CORE-11905 – Update WHOIS server for .travel
CORE-11907 – Prevent multiple additions of country calling code when updating domain contacts via Admin area
CORE-11915 – Use absolute URL for admin area Intelligent Search
DEV-490 – Refine IonCube Loader detection for advanced version compatibility
MODULE-6664 – Correct processing of inactive Notifications rules
MODULE-6676 – Update Plesk login link to use system translation string
MODULE-6686 – Correct phone number formatting for Nominet
MODULE-6695 – Refine Support widget filtering to aggregate based on users’ support ticket assignment
MODULE-6697 – Allow caching of dashboard widgets on a per user basis
CORE-10076 – Correct result ordering for GetProducts API call
CORE-11898 – Ensure GetProducts API returns hidden configuration options
CORE-11841 – Update Hungarian translations
CORE-11903 – Update Turkish translations
CORE-11906 – Updated client Hebrew translations
CORE-11909 – Update Admin Area Hebrew translations
CORE-11914 – Update Dutch translations


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